Click to enlargeStrap this Bear Bell to your Stick, 
Backpack, Belt or Boots - and the 
Bears will certainly know you're near!

Best Bear-Bell we've ever seen! Large 1" bell alerts wildlife to your presence. The "problem" with most bear-bells is that when you want them to go quiet, it's darn near impossible! This bear-bell solves that problem! The ingenious "CLAPPER-KEEPER" (inset photo) allows you to mute the bell when needed. Simply place the included net bag over the bear bell, and a hidden magnet in the bag attaches itself to the bell, muting the clapper inside! Great for both kids & adults alike. (click photos to enlarge)

Hook & loop strap attaches your bell to any Whistle Creek hiking stick, or to your belt loop, boots, backpack, etc. Color of strap fabric varies. Includes bear-bell, strap, clapper-keeper net bag, as shown.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

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