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We sell two types of stick - Hiking Sticks and Walking Sticks*. Hiking Sticks are straight and tall, between 48" and 59" tall. Walking Sticks are shorter, with a handle.

Hiking sticks should be 6-9" above your elbow, with your arm by your side while you are standing. The steeper the terrain you will be hiking, the higher above your elbow it should be - the length is used to reach down the hill and touch the ground, to stabilize you as you go down the trail. Additional length is completely unnecessary if all you are going to do is climb upward, you just need it when going down.

Walking sticks* - the top of the handle should be right at the break in your wrist, with your arm relaxed and by your side while standing.

*we don't call walking sticks "canes" because ours have more "class & character" than an ordinary cane.

If you are using this for reasons other than recreation and relaxing walks, and you have been advised to use this stick by a doctor, please consult your physician regarding how to size the stick.

Height of any of our sticks can be adjusted by removing the rubber tip, cutting off what is not needed, and putting the rubber tip back on. All of our sticks have long-life rubber tips and leather wrist straps (useful for hanging the stick on the back of a chair or storing it on a hat rack). They have a coat of lacquer that can easily be made "like new" using fast drying hardware store spray lacquer.

The Compliment Guarantee - "if you use your Whistle Creek Stick regularly for a period of 30 days, and do not get at least one compliment from a stranger (regarding your stick), I will personally buy your stick back from you, for the price you paid for it, and pay the freight" - George Barker, Chief of Staff, Whistle Creek

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